Wednesday, January 17, 2007


well, what a day this has been. where shall i even start. my day started with shayla coming over to drink yerba meté with me, and this was by far the high point of my day. in about 24 hours, my life has gone from managable to out of control. im up to my eyeballs in school work, and most of the stuff i have to do is all due within the same couple of days. needless to say, i felt on the brink of a break down, but after some pondering and mental checklisting, i have divided my work into more managable packets, so i would say im under controlled stress and feeling a little better. i know that everything always comes together in the end, but sometimes the coming together is painful. and as if i didnt already resent my job enough, i could really use my saturday and sunday this weekend to get stuff done, but what can you do? anyway, so as i was stressing, i was looking forward to my first day back at the pool. this semester, due to some schedule conflicts, im swimming at mac instead of at dalewood, and im pretty happy about it. i can still drop in and do masters at dalewood when i have time, and i plan to, but the mac masters is what im signed on for and its three days a week. anyway, so as i said, i was looking forward to getting back in the water, and today was my first time in the changeroom since the new renovations were completed. the new changeroom is HUGE! and its a veritable labyrinth. i was wandering and wandering trying to find the entrance to the pool, asking everyone if they knew how to get there. theres no signs or anything. turns out, you have to get through the locker labyrinth, past the SECOND set of showers, through a door, through a twisting corridor, through another door (which for some reason walks past windows of people working out, and there was a pack of girls running laps through this corridor with some sort of coach or instructor yelling at them), through another door, past a THIRD set of showers, and through the FINAL door to get to the pool. had i not been so frustrated with my day in general, and so looking forward to swimming, i might have found such an adventure fun. anyway, so i get to the pool finally and there was a kids swim team in the pool, but i new i was early, so i wasnt too worried about it. anyway, so this guy (kind of cute, actually) who was not a lifeguard approaches me and is like, are you here for the public swim, and i was like no im here for masters. and he was like oh, it doesnt start till eight. in other words, i was over an hour early. so i was pretty irritated with myself and embarassed, especially once kind of cute guy introduced himself to me as my masters coach. way to make a first impression, chloé. anyway, so i said see you in an hour, and now im here in the library. im going to make the photocopies i was going to make AFTER swimming, now that i have all of this extra time, and depending on how long that takes, i might try to get some more research done for one of my many projects. anyway, so that was my WONDERFUL day. i cant wait till next week when all of this is over.

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