Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Day?

well well well. school is closed today, because the city is covered in ice. i myself nearly fell to my death trying to descend the fire escape stairs, only to discover my bicycle is also covered in ice. so, what am i going to do with this marvellous opportunity? i havent quite decided. im especially pised about this whole thing, because i was supposed to start my advanced yoga class today, as well as my new master's swimming programme, but what can you do. anyway, i think i shall go to the art store and buy a new canvas, and maybe paint for a while. i also have to drop off my pay sheet to the special needs office. before all of that, im going to watch some seinfeld, and somewhere along the line, i hope to start working on my interim paper thing for my group project. i wonder if the libraries are also closed? ah well, if its closed, its closed, ill just stay here. anyway, who knows? sometimes days like this have a way of taking fabulous turns. maybe this will be one of them.

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