Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blast From The Past

since this year i have been reusing old notebooks instead of buying new ones, i occaisionally happen upon old notes that i once passed to friends, old drawings i was proud of, and in some cases, old bits of writing that i forgot about. this very thing happened today. as i was looking for an appropriate place to begin my notes for histology, i found a poem i wrote. im not sure when i wrote it, but based on the fact that this was originally my second year ecology book, im going to guess it was written sometime in second year. anyway, since i have no idea what i was thinking about at the time, i no longer find this poem too personal to share. the only thing i remember about writing it was that one of the phrases occured to me and i wrote the poem subsequently around it. this is often how my poems are born. and the only reason i remember this little fact is because the phrase is written at the top of the page before the rest of the poem alongside a doodle of an elephant face. so without further ado, here it is:
Build this House (NOTE: this title was created today. the poem is not titled in my book)
watching the sun setting over the cold dead ground
the emptiness is filling and though the sun is bright its warmth doesnt seem to reach this place
this place inside of me thats full of unreceptive cold
but i know that in the darkness theres a love that tries to give
tries to seep in and make me warm
so why dont we sit here
while they build this house around us
and soon there will be shelter from the storm
and if we let love touch us, the darkness will dissipate into prisms of light
and we'll have this house
and we'll call it home

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