Saturday, January 13, 2007


so, after a long silence, and a lot of rumours, BATMAN BEGINS came out. it had been rumoured for years that a new batman movie was being made, and i heard rumours that it was either going to be a prequel, or a batman versus superman venture. given that the prequel rumours were more prevalent, and that i cannot concieve of a way to make a versus superhero movie of any sort without enraging fans of some, if not all sorts, i was not surprised to learn that the movie ended up being a prequel. there is not enough space on my blog allowance for me to say everything i have to say about this movie. in fact, i marvel at my own attempt to even address it. so, ill try to keep it short without getting into too much detail. i believe that batman begins is the batman movie written specifically for the batman fans. they did nothing wrong with this movie. it was all there.. the darksome, the angst, the human side of batman (he doesnt have super powers people! hes just smart! and rich! everything isnt all grace and perfection!) the story was engaging, the big names that were in the supporting cast were wonderful, but didnt upstage batman. and christian bale... well... forget about it. on a more personal note, i saw batman begins seven times in theatres... three of those times i was by myself. the first time i saw it, my heart was pounding the whole time. it was so exciting, i couldnt believe it. and then when they through out the "the next movie will be about the joker" bit, i thought i was going to die. good work christopher nolan. you have done right by batman, and his fans. you have redeemed batman on film after so many of us had given up hope. heres to many more!

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