Friday, March 16, 2007

My Deepest Desires?

last night i had the strangest dream. i dreamt that i was at this dinner party. i cant remember who all was there, but it was mostly people i know. i think jordan might have been there, but im not sure. anyway, the main course had shrimp in it, and i was like, i dont eat shrimp. but then i started eating it anyway, i think i figured what the hell. and then i was crunching them and munching them and eating them all, even the tails. and then, we were all drinking really large tequila shots. like, large as in that kind of shot doesnt really exist. like three or four ounces. and i was stressed because we didnt rim the glasses with salt, but then i remembered that the usual way is to put the salt on your hand. anyway, so then my dream suddenly changed, and my histology teacher was actually my dentist, but she was dressed like a surgeon. and she gave me a needle in the part of my hand on the top side in the fleshy part between the thumb and finger. and i was like, ow, what was that for. and she was like, you have herpes. and i was like thats not even possible. and she didnt believe me, and i was really aggravated. so then i figured out that i got herpes because owen had herpes and i had used his towel after he had used it without washing it, so i got the herpes on myself that way. also, i had no symptoms of herpes. WEIRD


MistryZ said...

Why would u want herpes? Thats just wrong and sick Chloe! Chokri!!!!!!! You need some help!!

Anonymous said...

random dreams can be awfully hilarious. i like it.
love, shay.