Monday, March 12, 2007

A New Kind Of Review

well, im sitting here procrastinating when i should be studying, so ive decided to do an altogether new kind of review: a review of my supper. during this supper i tried three new products from the health food store, so i guess its kind of like a consumer review.

first, i tried the new simply asia sesame teriyaki noodle bowl. this product is brought to us by the makers of the thai kitchen products, which, for instant meals, are among the best. the simply asia stuff is all natural "premium" versions of the same thing. these noodle bowls are kind of expensive, but they contain an impressive amount of food and you can clean out the bowl and reuse it. this is handy, since it comes with a snap on lid, and dont we all need more reusable containers? anyway, the noodles are already cooked which makes for speedy delivery to your empty, hurried guts. the sauce was fine, no complaints, ill give this instant meal an A on the instant meal grading system.
next i had shady maple farms certified organic maple waffles. these are a different version of those dutch waffle cookies that have syrup in between. i have been eyeing them at the health food store for a while. since i finally caved and decided to fork out the 5.50 for them, i was delighted to learn that they are expired and the chick gave them to me for free. woo hoo! free cookies! anyway, these are good, just as good as the regular ones, but without all the refined sugar. possibly even better because maple is one of the greatest flavours ever. the only thing is the cookies themselves tasted a little over done, like they had been in the oven too long, but let me reiterate: FREE COOKIES.
finally, i bought a bag of dried pineapple caleld "frutos de los andes" by level ground trading ltd. as the name would suggest, this company is all about organic foods and fair trade, no exploiting the south americans for these guys. right on. anyway, so the pineapple is delicious, it hasnt been sweetened, its just ripe, so i like it a lot. not too sugary, a nice little snack.
so there you go, three new products for you to try to put yummies in your tummies and feel good about it too.

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MistryZ said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!! You used pictures! Nice On!