Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Tiny Dancer

well a big birthday holla goes out to my sister callie who turns 13 today. damn i remember when you were in diapers. kate and kyle asked me to express how unimpressed they are with how old youre getting, they said thats quite enough. anyway welcome to being a teenager...supposedly the best time of your life, but let me tell you a secret, it ISNT. so welcome to the most hellish and painful years of girlhood, that time when all girls know how to do is be bitchy and two face and so on and so forth. dont worry, it gets much better after high school is over, just be careful of the boys. may you live to forget this night.

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mother unit said...

u don't have to be a teen-ager to be bitchy and 2 faced...i work with a whole slew of them k!!!!