Sunday, April 09, 2006

Procrastination And Nostalgia

well i finally got around to tidying up the apartment a little bit, my desk is still a disaster, but one thing at a time, at least i can see the floor again. anyway, as i was cleaning, i put on the goo goo dolls for lack of options, and i got to thinking about my darling girl, kate. oh kate, how i miss you sometimes. with the weather so pretty and the goo goo dolls playing, it took me back to grade eleven, when we used to sit on the front porch drinking litres and litres and litres of iced tea and listening to the goo goo dolls and heart in between bouts of watching judge judy and passions. ah those were the days...we were so carefree. and then we would go on massive treks to pizza hut and rogers video and just waste the summer away, but for the days we had to work. good times. im trying to think of what else we used to do, but i cant remember right now. all i know is there are days where i would give anything just to be back in that time, wasting my summer with you.

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