Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lightning, Revisited

you left my life like lightning
an unexpected white light so fast and bright that fills me with awe and a little bit of fear
but lightning always leaves behind a little bit of thunder
and the heavens, they do rumble
and my insides, they do quake
as i tremble in the rain
and i could stand and let it rain down on me all fucking day
as i wait for the lightning to come down again
cause i always knew there was a lighting bolt waiting to come down and strike me
white hot electricity
if this is what it means to be clean
never stop raining down on me
i will never tire of walking in the rain
but my daddy always worried when he saw me walking if there was lighting
told me to wait till it was over before i went out to play
well maybe i should take his advice
next time theres lightning, ill just watch from my window


mum said...

ur your father's daughter...so gifted with the written word...especially with topics close to the heart...steve's loss...i love you mum...xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

u know chloe dad and i were talking about lost love today...i said i don' t know what it feels like to have loved and lost...he said i do when u left me in toronto because he fucked up but i cannot relate all..i said i think i have always had my guard up...so i am so sorry i cannot relate to u and dad thelove struck people of the world...mum oxoooox