Thursday, April 13, 2006

When You're Strange

faces come out of the rain. ah well tonight amit and i went for one of our super fantastic hyper amazing downtown adventures, and let me tell you, the fun didnt stop. first of all, i didnt realise that what i was wearing was really that remarkable, but as soon as we got off the bus i got honked at twice, which amit and i had a good laugh over. then we wandered down king street for a while looking for somewhere to eat and decided that james street was a better bet. so we wandered down james street, where a bunch of creepy creepies cat called me which i didnt appreciate at all and i dont understand why guys do that at all let a lone to a girl who is walking down a street with a guy but, people are strange. anyway so we finally decided to go to gate of india again where we were by far the strangest and funniest customers those people have seen in a long long time. i started off by ordering two drinks for myself as i tend to do when im out, a mango lassi and a gingerale. i guess the server assumed these two drinks were for the two of us because he started to walk away and then amit was like didnt you want the banana lassi and i was like oh right banana and then teh server walked away without asking amit what he wanted .then amit explained that the server was assuming that the drinks were for the both of us and not just for me and i laughed and laughed. this whole thing turned even funnier when the server brought my drinks and amit was liek those are both for her, id like a mango lassi. the server was laughing so hard at us it was awesome. anyway so then our meal progressed relatively normally until the end when the server left us waiting around for like at least half an hour before amit finally went and asked for the bill, and then when he brought it, amit asked to wrap up our BREAD but not our ENTREE and the server laughed at us some more. also i had created a super straw by attaching the two straws from my drinks together, which the server also laughed at us for. anyway i was laughing so hard at the whole thing i had tears coming down my face. so thank you amit, always an adventure when we go out.

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MistryZ said...

Yes that was some nite! But I think those men were hollaring at me. You know I was looking pretty damn sexy in my long sleeves shirt and jeans. In jeans my ass really shines!