Tuesday, April 25, 2006


alright so last night clancy and i were up way way way too late and we had the best conversation ever about max5 chocolate bars. i thought that the outside coating of the max5 peanut butter was caramel but clancy deduced it was peanut butter in the most logical argument of all time:

"i have eaten both the max5 chocolate bar and the maxc5 peanut butter bar. the two bars are exactly the same as far as i can tell, except for the outside coating. therefore, if two bars are exactly the same except for the outside coating, and one is called max5 chocolate, whose outside coating is chocolate, and the other one is called max5 peanut butter, what are you going to assume the outside coating is? caramel? i dont think so. it is definitely peanut butter."

needless to say i still think the outside is caramel but i thought this argument was fantastic. clancy is going to be a wonderful lawyer.

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marnie said...

i don't get it