Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Poem I Wrote When Steve And I Were On The Rocks

I miss the way his skin smells when he’s just come out of the shower
And the way the contours of his back make my hands look small
And I remember believing he would love me forever
I miss the way he tasted perfect
How in his arms, I was perfect
Never thought I could love a man, but he taught me how
I used to love how he’d kiss my neck in public, and I could tell he liked it
I remember the thrill it gave me when he’d slip his hand under mine
He doesn’t do those things anymore
But I also remember I was happy before him, and I’ll be happy again
I just wish that in the sweetness of my happiness there could be a taste of him


Anonymous said...

that is a lovely poem. those are nice things to think of while on the rocks.. and the line "But I also remember I was happy before him, and I’ll be happy again" is beautiful cuz there's hope and it's good. but the last line- also understandable : )

mum said...

i like my neck kissed anytime as well..totally sexy...mum

Anonymous said...

My beautiful niece..... you are such a one of a kind human being and there is not another person on this earth quite like you!! Heartbreak is tough to endure but you will be ok and I love the part of your poem "But I also remember I was happy before him, and I'll be happy again" reminds you that life goes on, time continues to travel with us and we shall endure all that is given to us good or bad, happy or sad and that every experience we have makes us stronger, wiser and we continue to grow as a person. When we are living in the moment of pain we cannot see the road that lies ahead but it is there for us to travel and continue on as we do not know where the journey will take us but we shall enjoy every step of it!!

I love you Chloe!!

Aunt Amber