Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogging News

as you can all see, at the top of my page there is a link called "swimlog." i have been working on this all week, and it is finally up and running, and i am excited to share it with you!
i get the impression that some of my readers are very interested in my swimming training, and i assume that some readers are considerably less so. in an effort to be both organised and accommadating, i have created a new blog called SWIMLOG for those of you who are keen to follow my training regimen. although i will not always be able to post my workouts every single day, i will write notes to myself and then post them when i can. i hope that i can share with everyone who is interested my knowledge of the ever-technically demanding sport of swimming and my highs and lows in my constant effort to improve. thank you for your patience dear readers! i hope i will not disappoint!

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