Friday, May 14, 2010

If One Thing Was Different

do you ever wonder if your life might have turned out differently if your parents had made one decision on your behalf or done something different in raising you than what they did? think about it. its kind of freaky.
the best example of this in my life is i often wonder why my parents didnt enroll me in competitive swimming when i was a kid. i was always a talented swimmer, but for some reason they kept me into the lifesaving aquatics side of things instead of competition. i have come to the conclusion that my life would be different in the following ways if they had enrolled me in competition:
1) i would have gotten an athletic scholarship to university
2) i would not smoke
3) i would not have flabby arms
4) i probably would not have been friends with any of my high school (or even current friends)
5) i might have gotten to travel more

im sure there are others, and not all of these things are good (im referring to number four) but it makes you think. its amazing how one small thing can affect the outcome of a whole life. we really are the sum of our experiences, so i guess i wouldnt change it, because otherwise, i wouldnt be who i am today.


Callie said...

i always think that i'd be a huge cheese-eating fatty if i wasn't put into dance

full_of_puppy_love said...


jaci said...

Ive always been a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason". Yes, you are right it is absolutely mind blowing to think of all the little things that make a difference in your life. Its crazy to think about how one person you meet, one day you have, one experience you did or didnt have can be the point where another road forks off. I VERY often think about this. :) but yes, while competitive swim may have changed these things... that is someone elses life and you would be them rather than you. :) great point.