Friday, May 07, 2010

Glad It's Friday

hello comrades. i am posting on this rainy friday without much to say other than i am glad its friday. i have had a lacklustre week and am looking forward to science rendezvous this weekend, which should be fun. science rendezvous is a festival going on in southern ontario that is meant to bring science and the general population together. so hopefully it wont be too boring for someone who is both educated in the sciences and part of the general population. heres hoping.
in other news, this week was my first of cross training, and i have to say i am feeling pretty good about that. i must confess i didnt go for a swim this morning as i had planned, but i will probably go on sunday making my total number of swims for the week three, which is always the goal. i think if you did a statistical analysis of which swims i tend to skip, id be willing to bet that they are almost always on fridays. such is life i guess.
finally, as im sure you can tell, my long standing poll about super powers is closed, with only 33 votes. not very good turn out. i was hoping for at least fifty. then they would have been SOMEWHAT statistically significant. i think i will leave the results up for a while longer and then come up with a new poll and maybe probe 20 something bloggers for some advice on how to get more people to vote in my polls.
anyway, i guess thats all for now. sorry this post wasnt more interesting. i am in a crabby mood and just feel like going to daves and getting drunk. but i cant do that for like another 8 hours. boo urns.


zachary said...

I know the poll is closed but I really want to fly heheh..

Shinxy said...

I want to fly too. Or be superstrong. I'm surprised that more people didn't want that.

full_of_puppy_love said...

i am actually pretty sure that is the most popular choice, but i didnt get a big enough sample to prove my hypothesis.