Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Current Events

well i read something interesting in the paper last week that ive been meaning to share. and by interesting, i mean idiotic. so the powers that be (i forget who, exactly. i believe it was the people at participACTION and the canadian something something physiologists and something) published somewhere that they are decreasing the number of minutes of activity per day recommended for a healthy lifestyle. these numbers have, until recently, been long standing. up until last week, it was recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day and adults get at least 90 (i think. im totally going on memory on this one because i dont have the paper in front of me, but im sure you could look it up). now they are suggesting that children get at least 30 minutes of activity per day and adults get at least 150 minutes of activity per WEEK. why the decrease? let me tell you.
it may look, at first, like for all these years they were telling us to over exert ourselves and now they have seen the error of their ways. this is not the case. the reason they have decreased the suggested times is because people in general are so sedentary that even the decreased minimum activity recommendations would actually be an improvement on the amount of activity society is getting on the whole! unbelievable! keep in mind that "moderate intensity activity" includes average walking speed. are children really not getting 30 minutes of activity a day anymore? what are they doing at recess, i wonder? honestly, way to set the bar low.
in other news, i just skimmed an article in rolling stone about ke$ha, that horrible pop star whose auditory crack cocaine is constantly running through my psyche and hips, and i came across this gem from her producer: apparently he is "amazed how the things she says become embedded in people's lives." first of all, im not a doctor or anything, but i dont think that makes sense. second, how delusional can one person be???? is her poetic brilliance about "not getting none of this, not in the back of my car because of blah, blah, blah [her blahs, not mine, in case you were unaware]" really becoming "embedded" in anyones "life"? or could it be the awe inspiring eloquence of "kicking them to the door unless they look like mick jagger"?
you know dave gets frustrated with me for living in my news vacuum, but quite frankly, i dont think im missing much.


Callie said...

i think the whole world is better off in a news vacuum, at least for news like that.

Jason said...

wow, that is so sad. i can't imagine getting that little excersize a day. it really is a shame.