Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Tangled Web of Blogging

alright comrades, i wouldnt normally do this, BUT i have noticed that some of my followers of THIS blog have also started following girls wearing glasses, the blog i run with my sister. SO just to give you a quick update: apologies for the long time it has been since there was any girls wearing glasses activity. unusually, this was my fault, not callies. i was having a little bit of trouble trying to figure out what, exactly, i was going to do with it. but i think i may have found my voice, so there are girls wearing glasses updates for the first time in a long time. also, we have tweaked the format a little bit to make reading a little easier. ALSO once again, when i get a card reader for my camera, i will be able to post pictures both here and to girls wearing glasses so you can all have a chance to read callies writing as well as mine. in addition, the card reader acquisition is going to enable me to make some more serious changes to this blog which i am not going to reveal yet, but stay tuned everyone, and thank you for your patience and continuing readership!!!!!

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