Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quick Update

hello comrades. sadly, i dont have much to say today, because nothing much has happened since yesterday. however, i do want to inform those of you who may be interested that my swimlog has been updated with my week of working out thus far.
on a related note, i placed an order at a print shop today for a laminated, ringed notebook that i will be using to write out my workouts at the pool before i get the chance to blog them. i realise this isnt that interesting for you, my beloved readers, but im actually pretty excited about it. also, it was funny trying to explain to the woman at the print shop what i wanted and she was actually interested in why. i have to give her credit though, she was super professional and non judgmental, and she didnt even blink about me having anne with me. so i was very satisfied and impressed with my printing shop experience.
other than that, the only thing i really have to share is that when i sat down at this computer, some guy walked over to his friend (? i can only assume theyre friends) who is sitting two computers over from me, and farted really loud, said excuse me, and walked away. it was gross. im sure youre all laughing at this story but i just thought it was idiotic. oh, hamilton. so classy.

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