Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All The Wrong Battles

i am in awe of how bitter my job has made me towards the general public. (i am also in awe of how much trouble i am having typing on this keyboard). anyway, today anne is in a really good mood, so shes a little hyper. we were leaving the public library and she was trying to grab a book out of the librarian's hand, which she always does because shes trying to help, and the librarian goes "oh, you are a BAD girl!" with a big smile on her face in the kind of tone i reserve for my DOG. and i just wanted to slap her, but i couldnt because she totally was actually being nice, and was just ignorant enough to think that anne needs to be spoken to like a six year old. anyway, at the risk of being blackballed from library for the things i wanted to say to this woman, i decided to take my own advice, choose my battles, and walk away.
THEN we get to my school and were at the union market and im fixing up some bagels for us and this woman (who, by the way was totally crowding me out of the bagel station, so i was already irritated with her) totally innocently asked if i work in a group home and i totally snapped. i was like NO. really snotty. and she pauses awkwardly for a moment then says, real polite, sorry for asking. and i said no, im sorry that was bitchy i just get so sick of people inquiring about my clients like they think they know what theyre talking about but theyre really just being nosy and blah blah blah. anyway, i was rambling on and on to this woman and dropping f bombs all over the place and when she finally walked away (i think she was a little scared) i was like, man i have lost my mind.


callie said...

there's no justice.
and you don't have a dog. she's mine.

full_of_puppy_love said...

now, THAT is injustice. the fact that i dont have a dog.