Tuesday, April 28, 2009


my good and noble comrades! i realised, after all of these years, that i had an extraneous comma in the title of my blog! how could this be? why did no one inform me! i am so embarassed by my poor grammar. i feel like i have no right to blog anymore. well, ok, maybe its not that bad, but im always the first to criticise signage with grammatical errors, and here i have been, committing one day in and day out without ever getting caught! oh, the humanity.
ps. i have started a new blog with my sister. a link is on the sidebar, please feel free to explore.

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Daniel Mark Wheaton said...

Oh I noticed! But I've long disagreed with certain rules when it comes to commas so in my opinion what's wrong in the eyes of Canadian Press or whatever style you adhere to might not be so wrong at all. Keep on blogging.