Monday, April 13, 2009

The Salt Water in Our Blood

well, after going to daves parents for easter brunch, i have to say i am appreciating my own family more and more. now, im not going to sit here and bash daves family in a public forum, that would just be inappropriate, but i am going to laud my family in comparison. at my family gatherings, there is always something going on, always something to talk about, always someone to listen to. there is music and smiles and LAUGHTER. and people are actually interested in the lives of those around them. i guess thats all i really have to say without getting into too much detail, but i am so thankful for the salt water in my blood.

ps. best part of lunch at daves parents. while looking at the meal i brought daves mum says "what is that? it looks like meat." i say, "its vegetarian meat" she says "oh? does that mean the cows were only fed grains and vegetables?" lolololoololololol. ah the joys of old age.

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callie said...

you may not have openly bashed dave's family, but you made very clear what the bashing would have been about had it occurred by saying what about our family is good. good work. sneaky bashing.