Thursday, April 09, 2009

Long Effing Day

man. its only ten after two and im already exhausted. i cant wait for this day to be over. this morning i had to get up early-ish to go visit J----- in the hospital. he is recovering from back surgery, and was looking pretty pathetic. but his parents think he was putting it on a little bit because he knew the physiotherapist was on the way and she was going to make him get up and walk around and he just got taken off of morphine this morning. needless to say, im glad im not in his position right now. BUT the surgery went well and they eem pretty positive about the whole thing so. that was good news. anyway, after i was done visiting him, i went to pick anne up, and i am WAAAAAAAY over dressed for this weather, but its been so up and down and when i left in the morning it was much cooler than it is right now. anyway, im going to take her to ginos for some pizza before i take her home and then im off off off to stoney creek (drag) for my evening client. THEN i will arrive back home around nine thirty and i will shower, change, pack and get out the door hopefully in time to catch the 1030 bus to toronto, getting me to daves house by about quarter after midnight. DAMN.

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