Tuesday, April 14, 2009


more like payenemy! so i logged into my email account that i use to write this blog in order to see if amit had gotten the message i posted for him below. this email account is very old, its one of the first email accounts i ever opened, and i use it for my trash emails, like when i have to provide an email in order to sign up for stuff, and i use it to manage this blog and thats it. SO, obviously, i almost never, ever check it. anyway, so of course i had a bunch of unread emails in there, and there were several from paypal, one indicating that someone had been using my email account fradulently, so they had limited my paypal account and several indicating that rather sizable purchases had been made using that email account with what is assumed to be my credit card. sounds like a reason to panic, right? WELL, it would be, except i dont even HAVE a credit card! hahaha isnt that crazy? so, upon learning this information, i think its pretty much guaranteed that someone is using my email account for some sort of credit card fraud, and i tried to get in touch with paypal to tell them, but of course they want me to open an account with them in order to email them, which im not interested in doing. anyway, i think this is serious enough that im going to call them on the phone (so old fashioned, i guess) to let them know. but isnt that bizarre?

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