Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Literary Genius

or something like that. since i have been sitting on my manuscript about sabrina for some time now, and since my arden manuscript is at least half done (i think im aiming for 15 stories total, and im well into my eighth one) i decided its time to find myself an agent. im sure this will prove to be an arduous process, but i filled out one submission form today and i am going to fill out another on friday regarding the piece about sabrina to be sent to another agency. i really hope i can get some type of response. i am particularly hopeful about this agent im going to be contacting about sabrinas book because she seems to be interested in "emotionally gripping non fiction" and if that means anything at all, i think that my piece about sabrina is right up her alley. although i must admit im finding contacting these people challenging in its own right. the form i filled out today asked what i can do to support the sale of the work if it is published, and im not even sure i understand what that means, exactly. so i just rambled on about how its my work and i believe in it and i will do whatever i have to to support the sale of it. and this other one, the one im submitting to about my sabrina book is looking for some sort of proposal or something as well as a query explaining what QUALIFIES me to write the book. i mean i suppose if i was trying to publish a self help book or a medical encyclopaedia or something then i would need some sort of qualifications, but questions like that just tempt me to be a little flippant and say something like, the fact that i am proficient in the english language and that i have enormous creativity and drive is was qualifies me to write the book, you twits. but i understand where theyre coming from really. also, i probably shouldnt have even written that because i attached my blog to a profile for a literary website connecting people in childrens publishing, so anyone who is interested in me can now look at my blog.... lets assume that no one is interested in me. especially since i just joined said community today. by the time anyone becomes interested in me through that site (if ever) this post will be a thing of the past. but its kind of cool to be getting myself out there, i guess. i just hate having to sell myself. i hate job intereviews for the same reason. and its like, man obviously i dont like selling myself, thats why im looking for an agent. i want you to sell me. be my pimp! ill be youre whore! suck me dry, man. suck me dry.

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mom said...

i will be your agent