Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'll Philosophy Your Face!

all the way to the bank! hows this for some philosophy? why do i even take philosophy when i dont really like it? except for logic, which is awesome, especially the part where philosophy students hate it. hahahaha. anyway, i just finished my philosophy exam, and it was very boring. i kept spacing out while i was writing it like i do when im writing papers and then id be like, oh yeah, time limit, riiiiiiight. and get back to it. anyway, im sure you were going to ask, well what was the exam about? and ill tell you. it was about david hume and his writing on determinism versus free will. i have come to realise that pretty much all of my papers for this class have followed the same basic formula: i summarise the argument and then say that the argument is great but not convincing and here's why. haha. thats pretty much the whole shebang. go philosophy. anyway thats not really what i came to write about. i came to write an ironic post that philosophised about my distaste for philosophy. so here we go.
anyway, why take a subject you dont really like? because you can get an A. period. i get so bored reading philosophy, and i know its supposed to make you think and hone your writing and argumentation skills and it does, but its not like i ever really PONDER the stuff im reading. i just read it, process it, analyze it, and then completely forget about it, because (are you ready for it?) I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha! in your face plato! and aristotle (i didnt even read you!)! and epicurus! spinoza (also didnt read)! and some other guy who started with e (definitely didnt read)! and aquinas! and anselm! and hume (actually, hume is ok. dialogues concerning natural religion is interesting, but we didnt read that for this class)! and nietzche (didnt read because i read you three years ago)! and at least one other guy that i didnt even go to class for but i believe he was the stoic guy. or maybe the skeptic! good riddance.

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