Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Killing Time

so i am at the school library killing time before i go to pick up my paper from my ta. i also figured out how to get around the 15 minute limit on the internet express station, so i can stand here as long as i want, unless someone is waiting for the station. luckily for me, no one is. mwa ha ha ha. marvel at my greatness!
anyway, so apparently i scared callies friends off of reading my blog with the post about breasts. i guess they have some breast related hang ups. i dont get it. who doesnt love breasts? really. anyway, eventually i will have put up enough posts to move the "offensive" pictures off the first page of the blog. also, if youve been following the commentary at all, callie wants more posting so her hat head will not be the first thing people see when they come to visit. personally, i dont see what the big deal is, but WHATEVER.
in other news, i bought a new dress today. i dont exactly have a dress budget right now, but as trevor pointed out i always buy a new dress for easter (or at least i try to) and this easter i am going to be having an ever so painful brunch at daves parents with all of his ever so snooty siblings, and having a new dress on will make me feel (marginally) more confident. anyway, the dress is awesome, except its strapless. ive never gone strapless before. im hoping to avoid buying a strapless bra (also no bra budget, as you can imagine) by taking the straps off of my three way convertible bra. that should work. i hope.
speaking of this undoubtably painful brunch adventure. i have no idea what to make. i cant make lasagna because everyone will be comparing it to the lasagnas of yesteryear by daves mum and i cant make salad because i hate how everyone thinks that the only thing vegetarians eat is salad, and i have to make something fancy because daves sister in law is apparently "a gourmet" so obviously i need to make better food than her. anyway the whole thing is turning into an ordeal and i better come up with something soon. the clock, she is ticking.


MistryZ said...

LOL!!! You can stop reading my roommates blog, its torture!!!!! Yea Strapless bras!!!!!!

Shirish said...

everybody loves breasts!

callie said...

everybody does love breasts. i don't knwo what their deals are.
perhaps it's jsut ebcause they don't love those breasts.